Article 14 Publication and public hearing

1. When the Commission receives a valid initiative in respect of which the statements of support have been collected and certified in accordance with Articles 8 to 12, it shall publish without delay a notice to that effect in the register and transmit the initiative to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Committee of the Regions, as well as to the national parliaments.

2. Within three months of the submission of the initiative, the group of organisers shall be given the opportunity to present the initiative at a public hearing held by the European Parliament.

The European Parliament shall organise the public hearing at its premises.

The Commission shall be represented in the hearing at an appropriate level.

The Council, other institutions and advisory bodies of the Union, the national parliaments and civil society shall be given the opportunity to attend the hearing.

The European Parliament shall ensure a balanced representation of relevant public and private interests.

3. Following the public hearing, the European Parliament shall assess the political support for the initiative.

Regulation on the European citizens’ initiative(pdf).
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