(19) In order to make the European citizens' initiative effective and more accessible, taking into account that the procedures and conditions required for the European citizens' initiative need to be clear, simple, user-friendly and proportionate, and in order to ensure that as many initiatives as possible are registered, it is appropriate to partially register an initiative in cases where only part or parts of the initiative meet the requirements for registration under this Regulation. Initiatives should be partially registered provided that a part of the initiative, including its main objectives, does not manifestly fall outside the framework of the Commission's powers to submit a proposal for a legal act of the Union for the purpose of implementing the Treaties and all the other registration requirements are met. Clarity and transparency should be ensured as regards the scope of the partial registration, and potential signatories should be informed of the scope of the registration and of the fact that statements of support are being collected only in relation to the scope of the registration of the initiative. The Commission should inform the group of organisers in a sufficiently detailed manner of the reasons for its decision not to register or to register an initiative only partially, and of all possible judicial and extrajudicial remedies available to it.

0 - Preamble (clauses 1-40)

Regulation on the European citizens’ initiative(pdf).
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