(29) In order to ensure transparency of its funding and support, the group of organisers should provide regularly updated and detailed information on the sources of funding and support for its initiatives between the date of registration and the date at which the initiative is submitted to the Commission. This information should be made public in the register and on the public website on the European citizens' initiative. The declaration of sources of funding and support by the group of organisers should include information on financial support exceeding EUR 500 per sponsor, as well as on organisations assisting the group of organisers, on a voluntary basis, where such support is not economically quantifiable. Entities, notably organisations which under the Treaties contribute to forming European political awareness and expressing the will of citizens of the Union, should be able to promote and provide funding and support to initiatives, provided that they do so in accordance with the procedures and conditions laid down by this Regulation.

0 - Preamble (clauses 1-40)

Regulation on the European citizens’ initiative(pdf).
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