The contents in European Union's social capital wiki is aligned with the contents of the global Actor Atlas.

Smart tagging of development content on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ supports the merging of topical conversations and viewpoints from the various stakeholders. Use the #isicEU and #cofogEU tags listed at European Union Initiative Book1.

The tweets with tag #everyonesnote show on which pages across Actor Atlas and development dashboards there is recently tagged content. Please explore!

How to support citizens and other stakeholders in the European Union in accessing knowledge for development will be explored in a Google+ Community. There is also a Europe pinboard (Pinterest).

Social capital for the European Union

Start here: European Union's Notes or check if there is something of particular interest for you2:

Government Function Maps (COFOG divisions & classes)

At European Union Statute Book (Actor Atlas) there is an incomplete list of statutes and treaties classified by function of government (division) alongside international treaties concerning each division.

Industrial Sector Maps (ISIC sections & classes)

Stakeholder, actor or role descriptions